“Spontaneity is a meticulously prepared art”

Oscar Wilde

Today. is an app like no other

Designed to reconnect digital natives to fun, spontaneous, local interactions. Enhancing a digital first lifestyle with reality

Step 1.

Tap once to signal that you are available today. We'll handle the rest.

Step 2.

Handily we'll match you with other like minded locals and let you know where the central meeting point is. Use the map to suggest a location.

Step 3.

Chat with your new friends, agree a meeting point and time. Enjoy being in the moment and spontaneous with others. Simples.

Spontaneity Today.

Today. will lay down the digital infrastructure to power local, authentic interactions creating community-based digital communities. Creating connections that last for a lifetime.

Sign up for Beta now.

London are you ready? Join the other like-minded and spontaneous bunch on our Beta launch.

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